Monitoring: kube-prometheus-stack

The kube-prometheus-stack is pretty much a de-facto standard for Kubernetes monitoring. It includes:

  • Prometheus: an in-memory database for storing metrics
  • Alertmanager: a tool for sending metrics based alerts
  • Grafana: a dashboarding tool for visualizing metrics and logs.

And a bunch of integrations with Kubernetes components.

Architecture Decision Record


  • Easy to get going
  • Well adopted
  • High development velocity
  • Supports a ton of things out of the box
  • Seems to work well


  • Hard to wrap head around, installs a lot of components which can end up feeling a bit like a black box
  • Do we actually want / need all of it?
  • Grafana doesn't always provide a user experience on par with commercial observability / log aggregation products

Alternatives Considered

We considered if it would be worth assembling our own prometheus stack to get more clarity into each component that is installed in the stack but given the high development velocity of the kube-prometheus-stack and the fact that it seems to work well we decided to go with it.


Run k dashboard <application-name> to open up a Grafana dashboard with basic metrics for your applications.

Tip: Use the CMD+k keyboard shortcut inside of Grafana to quickly switch between dashboards. Search for eg. postgres and redis to navigate to the various dedicated dashboards.